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Czech Republic

Capital city: Prague
Population: 10.3 million
Total area: 78.866 km² (30.450 sq mi)
The highest point: Sněžka at 1.602 m (5.260 ft)
Government: Parliamentary republic (President: Miloš Zeman)
Annual tourist traffic: 6 680 400 (2007)
Official language: Czech

The Czech state boasts a history spanning more than one thousand years. For centuries the Kings of Bohemia ranked among Europe’s leading monarchs and Prague was a place where artists, scholars and tradesmen from all corners of the world met. Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, the three historical lands that form the present Czech Republic, each boast a vast cultural heritage. However, historical monuments are certainly not the only reason the Czech Republic is worth visiting. Though relatively small in terms of its size, the country can offer many different types of landscape – ranging from fertile lowlands and deep forests to “rock towns” and mountains – all providing numerous opportunities for sports activities, both in summer and winter.

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